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ブラジルを拠点にて活動するLS FILMSの監督であり、
「Trilhos Independentes」


The new generation of Brazilian artists is situated in the modern era,
where possibilities of creation are presented to them daily.
A world of formats and languages so quick that can confound and maintain itself static in the world of ideas.
The movie industry in Brazil grows and its new branches of production are gaining a lot of space on the national and international market.
Gathering 7 short films of the young Brazilian filmmaker, Luccas Soares, which in 2011 traveled around the world looking for an original production, in which "Trilhos Independentes" was born.
The showing whishes to invade universities, movie theaters, festivals and events with the objective of showing a new perspective to the public about low budget cinema.

Teaser(特報):Trilhos Independentes

Teaser - Trilhos Independentes from Luccas Soares on Vimeo.

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