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Tuan Hong監督とAlex Moscatoプロデューサーによる映画
”Kings of Karaoke(キングス オブ カラオケ)”


The film "Kings of Karaoke" I appeared is screening in NY.
(directed by Tuan Hong, produced by Alex Moscato)

More Details

Tuesday, December 21 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Times Square Arts Center Ionica Theatre
300 West 43rd Street, Suite 504n

【Ticket price】
$6.00 including complementary wine and beer.

※Tickets can be reserved

【Message from Producer Alex】
We are excited to invite you to the screening of our feature-length film, Kings of Karaoke.
The inspiration for this project came from our observation that people were growing tired of the same old rehashed Hollywood formula films. With the advent of digital technology, social networking and crowdfunding, we saw the doors open for a new form of expression to break through.

It is for this reason that we are proud to present you, Kings of Karaoke; a film that takes a fresh, creative and experimental approach to tackling deeper themes and at the same time entertains the audience, keeping them laughing all the way through.

We would love for you could come to the screening and to join us for drinks afterwards on the Williamsburg drag.

We guarantee you a great night of film.


Kings of Karaoke Trailer from Kings of Karaoke on Vimeo.

Kings of Karaoke is a hilarious mockumentary about four deluded foreign contestants who venture to Tokyo in the hopes of becoming crowned the next karaoke king.

Our four contestants chase their ultimate dream, the attainment of god-like celebrity status, as they compete in a competition that promises to be bigger than American idol.

Their exploits are documented through an omniscient camera that takes us directly behind the scenes straight into the heart of the drama. It exposes a reality that isn’t exactly what it seemed to be at first, for we find that our contestants literally suffer from split personality disorders. Individually, each contestant’s true identity actually yearns for something deeper and more meaningful. It is at war with its larger than life narcissist alter ego as it desperately tries to reassert itself.

Oblivious to who they really are, the contestants will stop at nothing to protect their delusions, taking the audience on an absurd, hysterical adventure as they seek guidance from supernatural entities and undergo bizarre experimental psychiatric therapy.

But when confronted with Japan’s notorious organized crime racket, the Yakuza, our contestants are forced to confront their real identity, finding that the only way to be crowned king is to defeat oneself.
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